Execution Order

By default, Maestro Cloud will run the Flows from your upload in parallel, however, that are some cases when a sequential order is needed.

To run your Flows in Maestro Cloud on a given order you can add the following configuration to your config.yaml file:

# config.yaml
    continueOnFailure: false # default is true
        - flowA
        - flowB

This configuration describes to our backend the order of the Flows you want to run. The list accepts either the Flow file names (without the .yaml extension) or the Flow name.

The continueOnFailure flag determines whether if Maestro Cloud should proceed with the execution of subsequent Flows if a previous one fails. As an example: if flowA fails and continueOnFailure is true, flowB will be executed. If the flag is false, flowB won't be executed.

Even though the benchmarks will run in serial order, important to say that we don't reuse the same device. Each Flow will run on a brand-new device. This means it's not possible to share some internal app states across Flows.

Configuring part of the Flows to run sequentially

For instance, if you have three Flows flowA, flowB and flowC and you want to run only flowA and flowB sequentially. In that case, don't add flowC to the list and Maestro Cloud will run it in parallel with the sequential Flows. This is useful to have a faster turnaround time to get feedback on test cases.

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