Pull Request Integration

Maestro Cloud also provides support for native pull request integration. This is useful if you'd like to run your Flows asynchronously but still block pull requests from landing if flow failures are detected.

Maestro Cloud currently supports Pull Request Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise only. Support for other platforms coming soon.

  • ✅ GitHub Support

  • ✅ GitHub Enterprise Support

  • 🚧 GitLab Support

  • 🚧 Bitbucket Support

Note that you can trigger automatic uploads from any CI platform.

1. (Optional) Configure your Baseline Branch

For certain types of issues (eg: Performance Regressions), Meastro Cloud needs to compare pull request results against a Baseline Branch (typically your main or master branch).

Specify your Baseline Branch using the config.yaml file. Create the following file under the .maestro/ directory (or wherever your Flows are if you are using a custom directory). Update main to the branch you'd like to use as your baseline.

baselineBranch: main

2. Trigger uploads on every pull request

  1. Follow the steps described here

  2. Ensure your workflow is triggered on every pull request made against your Baseline Branch.

    branches: [ main ]
    branches: [ main ]

3. Grant access to pull requests

In order to update the status of pull requests, you'll need to grant Maestro Cloud permissions to do so.

4. Test the integration

Lastly, open a pull request and ensure that the Maestro Cloud check shows up on your pull request.

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