Team Management

Team Admins can manage all team members and their roles from the Team Management view available in Maestro Cloud. As an admin, aside from being able to access Maestro Cloud and trigger Uploads, you are able to

  • Invite new users to your team

  • Removing users from your team

  • Changing roles of other members of your team

  • Rotate API keys for your team

  • View Billing information

Inviting members to your team

  1. Click on Invite Members

  2. Enter the email of the user you want to invite (note that if you want to invite several users at once you can do so through entering a comma-separate list of emails)

  3. Select the desired role

  4. Click on Invite

  5. Emails will now be sent to the users and upon accepting the invite through clicking on the link in the email they will have access to your team in Maestro Cloud

Note that you cannot invite users that are already active in another team. If they have signed up and want to move to your team they need to delete their account first and then they can be invited to the right team.

Removing members from your team

  1. Click on the menu icon positioned to the very right of the list element of the user you want to remove

  2. Click on Remove

  3. Confirm the removal by clicking Delete

  4. The member has now been removed from your team and can no longer access any of your team's data

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